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Neem & Aloe Natural Horse Spray (32oz)

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    Warm weather is here....unfortunately so are biting Insects Be ready with Equiderma Neem Horse Spray-"It's like having a liquid fly sheet on your horse." Great fly, mosquito and tick repellant...

    Equiderma Neem & Aloe Horse Spray:

    There's a new Sheriff in town and he's not taking any guff. Imagine going out for a ride and never having to worry about biting insects on you or your horse... Imagine tucking them in for the night with that satisfied feeling of confidence because you know they are protected. Imagine a spray so bad ass it's actually good for the skin and with every powerful micro droplet it is inhibiting fungus, bacteria and other organisms, so the bad guys never get a chance to take up shop. 

    Equiderma Horse Spray safely combines all the best players in nature's defense arsenal to keep you and your horse naturally protected and carefree. The Neem base of our formulation act on various insects in the following ways, so over time the overall population around your farm will gradually decrease. Like all good Sheriffs, blood lust will be shut down in the most peaceful way possible.

    Disrupts the development of eggs, larvae, or pupae, blocks the molting of larvae or nymphs, disrupting mating and sexual communication, repels larvae and adults, deters females from laying eggs, sterilizing adults, poisons larvae and adults, deters feeding, blocks the ability to swallow, sends metamorphosis awry at various stages.

    Developed in the harsh environment of the Florida Everglades. Safe for both horse and rider.

    Product Weight: 32 ounces 

    Directions for use: Apply liberally. For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes. If contact occurs and irritation persists consult your health care practitioner.

    Neem Aloe & Natural Horse Spray Ingredients:

      • Contains: *Aqueous extract of Neem Leaf * Aloe Vera Gel * Neem Oil * Red Cedar Oil * Eucalyptus * White Thyme * Lemongrass * Citronella * Lemon Peel * Tea Tree * Lavender

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