Cannon Crud (Cannon Keratosis)

Remove cannon bone crud in as little as 12 hours

Cannon bone fungus, stud crud, cannon scurf, cannon funk – While it's often seen on the cannon bones of the hind legs, it can also appear above the hocks, elbows, face, and ears. Regardless of what name you use it all points to the same confounding condition. A condition that's the bane of many horse owners. You've meticulously groomed your horse from poll to dock, you step back to take in the beauty of your efforts and uggg, there it is. Cannon bone crud marring the perfection of your horse. Whether black and tarry or dry and scaly, this crud won’t come off no matter how much scrubbing you do. At Equiderma, we feel your pain, but please, take heart – There's a proven solution that thousands of horse owners have discovered and vow to never be without. It's so easy and foolproof you'll be amazed.

What is cannon crud? It's not a fungus and it's not as simple as urine splashing up on the back legs of your male horse (forget calling it "stud crud", mares get it, too). The official name of this crud is cannon keratosis. Cannon keratosis is caused by an excess production of keratin, the main structural constituents of hair, feathers, hoofs, claws, and horns. The problem arises when excess keratin exudes from the skin and dries there. Getting it off can be as tough as trying to get off dried glue.

Cannon Keratosis Treatment: Overnight Cannon Crud Removal

Treatment couldn't be more simple - just apply a generous amount of Equiderma Skin Lotion to the affected areas, leave on and let it work its magic. The next day, shampoo the legs thoroughly with Equiderma Neem Shampoo or any other mild, non- medicated shampoo. Rinse, dry well and prepare to say hello to your horse's smooth, clean, healthy, crud-free skin! Seriously! It's that simple.

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Equiderma Treatment F.A.Q.

Q: What if there is still crud after using Equiderma Skin Lotion?

A: Occasionally the build up will be more advanced and will need an extra treatment. Follow the same treatment as you did the first day. Just re-apply another generous coating of Equiderma Skin Lotion and leave on. Allow to sit on the skin overnight and wash legs the following day.

Q: What are the Equiderma Skin Lotion ingredients?

A: Equiderma Skin Lotion contains mineral oil, chlorhexidine, and fungal fighting agents. It was developed for use on sweet itch, rain rot, mane and tail itching but we happily discovered it was also the answer to cannon crud.

Q: Can I use Equiderma Skin Lotion on my horse's face?

A: Yes, we like to use a small round tack sponge to control where the skin lotion goes. Apply onto the sponge and wipe a small amount in a circular fashion to the affected areas. Follow the same protocol as you would for the legs. Leave it on, wipe and rinse off the following day.

Customer Testimonials

Don't just take our word for it - here’s what some of our customers have to say:

"Overnight results! My grey mare had canon and hock crud that I had been scrubbing for a long time. I used this product ONCE, and it was gone. Beyond perfect. Thank you, Equiderma!" Wenda B.
"Great results in 2 days!!! I've fought Cannon bone crud on this mare for a year!!! Thank you for an amazing product!!!" Judy A.
"I was definitely skeptical, but not anymore. Used it for cannon bone crud. Gone in 2 days. No joke." Kelley L.
"Worked the very first time. The Equiderma Skin Lotion did EXACTLY as promised. For 2 years I have tried EVERY product that promised to remove my geldings cannon bone crud and NOTHING worked. Your product worked the VERY FIRST time used, and the crud has not come back. I am AMAZED and BEYOND HAPPY with the results. You have a HUGH FAN in me now! Looking forward to trying some of your other AMAZING products. THANK YOU EQUIDERMA!!" Shanna C.
"Works great. I bought the Equiderma Skin Lotion for my thoroughbred who gets cannon bone crud every summer. This has worked great in keeping the hair on his legs and no scabs. I highly recommend this product. Plus it smells great!" Beth H.

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