Dream Team Power Combo. Neem Shampoo, Skin Lotion and Conditioner

Whether you are dealing with an active skin issue or just want to cleanse you dog’s skin in the healthiest way possible, For the Love of Dogs™ Shampoo and Conditioner is a dream team come true.  We call it "a 7 course meal for your dog’s skin".  Made with Neem Tea and Neem Oil, Chamomile, Arnica, Chamomile, Basil, Pine Bark and Cherry Bark.  It not only will leave your dog clean and smelling great but the coat will be beautiful and glowing. Also great if your dog (or you) gets skunked.  Works like a charm to remove skunk odor. For active skin issues like hot spots, greasy topline, mystery hair loss, ring worm, dandruff and yeast follow up with our For the Love of Dogs™ Skin Lotion.  You'll be armed and ready for any skin issues that come your way.

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