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Neem Sheath, Udder & Genital Cleanser (32oz)

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    Let’s face it. Cleaning your horse's sheath is not the most
    pleasant experience, but it needs to be done. Many people shy
    away from it completely, but it is an essential part of being a good
    caretaker to your horse.

    Removing the smegma and any beans
    that may be present inside the head of the penis will not only help
    your horse feel more comfortable but will give you a chance to
    check for sores, ticks and anything else that may need

    A: Sheath cleaning does not need to be done more than every three
    to six months. Your horse’s sheath has a population of “friendly”
    microorganisms that help maintain a healthy balance within. If you
    clean it too frequently, you’ll kill these microorganisms disrupting
    the natural balance - and your horse’s sheath is likely to get even
    dirtier, faster. To protect those friendly microorganisms, never
    use antibacterial soap.

    A: Glands in the lining of the sheath, called sebaceous glands,
    produce a secretion called sebum. When this secretion mixes with
    dirt and sloughing skin cells, it forms a gray to black material
    called smegma. These secretions build up and accumulate into a
    soft, wax-like deposit, or create dry, hard flakes that firmly adhere
    to the skin.

    Male horses naturally secrete this waxy, moisture
    holding substance inside their sheath chambers, with variations in

    amount produced, depending on the horse. Combined with dirt,
    dead skin cells, and sweat, it can accumulate into a thick paste.
    The smegma and cells that come from the actual penis often cling
    to it and flake off like yellow parchment-like chips. There are two areas you will be
    focusing on. The inner walls of the sheath chamber and the penis

    “Isn’t smegma the most awful word? Imagine having oil, dirt and crud all conglomerated and sticking tightly where the sun don’t shine, having hooves and not being able to wash it off? It would certainly make me back up to a tree and rub my beautiful tail into a

    A: Horses in the wild – Stallions – have opportunities to become
    sexually erect and potentially breed. This behavior naturally
    sheds and expels most accumulations. Domesticated breeding
    stallions have their penises gently cleaned prior to live cover or
    artificial semen collection to prevent to prevent infections and to
    keep the sperm free of anything that could cause potential
    problems for the mare or developing foal. Removing the sex drive
    by castration makes them much safer to be around, but doesn’t
    allow them to self-clean.
    “You become responsible, forever, for what you have tamed.” Antoine de Saint-Exupéry –
    The Little Prince

    A: The “bean” is a common name for a specific collection of
    smegma in the tip of the penis. The tube that drains the urine from
    the bladder is called the “urethra”, and it protrudes slightly from
    the center of the head of the penis. Just above the urethra is a
    recess, a space, called the “urethral fossa”. (In Latin, “fossa”
    means a depression, or hollow.) This area extends to the left and

    right over the urethra, making it BEAN shaped. Smegma can
    accumulate within this space and has to be manually removed.

    Hence the term “de-beaning”.  Sometimes there is just a small
    amount of gray or white waxy substance in the edges or a few
    round to oval shaped build-ups – small beans. In severe cases,
    the debris can accumulate to the point that the large mass
    compresses down onto the tip of the urethra, squashing the
    opening and making urination painful. Typically, these horses
    have a flat spray instead of a stream when urinating.

    Again, this must be removed manually, and is much easier with the penis
    extended in a relaxed, tranquilized horse. The beans can become
    as large as a walnut if neglected.

    Okay, let’s get started…

    You will need a hose without the spray attachment, set to warm.

    Some people use a latex glove or a sock turned inside out. Others use their hand so they have a better feel for removing the smegma. Whichever method you
    choose, lubricate your hand well with our cleanser before you get
    started. You may have to stop while cleansing to add more
    cleanser to your hand or glove.

    Make sure you have lots of cleanser on your hand, sock/glove
    and apply it to the area. By now you will know if your horse is
    going to cooperate. If so, stand facing your horse's rear on
    whatever side you are most comfortable. Your shoulder and
    hip should be snug against the horse so that if he makes any
    move to kick you’ll know and can back out of the way. I like to use
    crossties if the horse is accustomed to crossties. If not, it’s best to
    enlist the help of a friend to hold him so you can concentrate on
    the business at hand.

    Begin washing the penis. You’ll feel the smegma and will gently
    begin to peel it off. If your horse is especially dirty you should
    apply your sheath cleanser and leave it on for a few minutes.
    Smegma can adhere like it has been super glued on and if you try
    to pull it off right away it can be painful for your horse. 
    Let your cleanser do its job and begin to melt the smegma.

    Now is the time to check for a “bean”. Gently push back the top of the
    penis. You’ll see the “bean” and if it isn’t too large it will slide out
    with a little help. If it is large you’ll have to get your finger behind it
    a little and slide/pull it out with your thumb and forefinger.
    Remember to rinse thoroughly after this step.

    If your horse hasn’t dropped you’ve only been cleaning the inside
    of the first sheath chamber, you’ll have to go deeper. In this case,
    you’ll need to go in up to your elbow, so be sure you’re not
    wearing your Sunday best. This is a messy business.

    There is a second, secret inner chamber with a small opening
    about an inch wide. Beyond this is where the penis is hiding. This
    may seem daunting, but you can do it. Watching your horse's
    reaction, gently reach inside and massage your fingers back and
    forth around the sides of the penis.

    Carefully, explore around with your fingers and slide off any smegma you find there.
    Use more water and more cleanser as necessary. If you did not
    check for a “bean” before, now is the time. Slide you finger under
    the small pouch at the top of the penis feeling around for any
    foreign body. If you feel a bean get your finger behind it and
    gently remove it. If it is small, it will slide right out. If it is large,
    you’ll have to get your finger behind it and slide/pull it out with
    your thumb and forefinger.

    Now all that's left to do is to rinse the area thoroughly with
    clean, warm water. If your horse will allow it, run the hose (on
    semi-slow pressure) up inside his sheath. Slide the hose inside
    the second chamber and gently jostle it until the water runs clear
    and no more chunks of smegma are coming out. This last step
    will loosen any pieces left behind…

    GREAT JOB! You’ve learned another crucial lesson in horse
    husbandry. Next time your horse drops be proud of how

    bright and shiny everything is down there, and know you’ve
    done a great thing to ensure his health and comfort.


    Fast and Efficient!
    Cold weather sheath and udder cleaning is always
    a challenge. When I read that this product rinsed
    quickly and contains no harsh ingredients I had to
    give it a try. I am pleasantly surprised how fast
    and thorough Equiderma Sheath and Udder
    Cleanser got the job done. Because it’s freezing
    here I can’t use a hose to horse to rinse them
    clean, so I use a soft washcloth and bucket of
    warm water to do the job. I try not to soak them
    either because I know I wouldn’t want to be
    standing out in the cold with wet sheath and
    udders. Other products in the past took forever to
    rinse off. You don’t need to use as much product
    as well because it’s not a gel based cleanser. It
    lathered nicely, not too much lather and broke up
    the gunk quickly and rinsed even faster. My
    horses are thankful!
    Eileen P.

    Equiderma Sheath, Udder and Genital contains Neem tea & Neem Oil, Arnica,
    Chamomile, Basil, Pine Bark and Cherry Bark. Put together with the cleanest, greenest,
    vegetable based natural surfactants on the market today. Sulfate and Sulfite Free…
    Best of all it’s made in small batches with love from our hearts to yours.

      • Contains: Neem Leaf * Neem Oil * Arnica * Pine Bark * Basil * Chamomile * Cherry Bark

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