Bruce Davidson Legendary Olympic Eventing Champion

"The Davidson name is synonymous with quality and high standards. Our horses' care is my highest priority and that is why I use the best, EQUIDERMA products. It is an outstanding product line and I couldn't be happier with the results."

Bruce Davidson




Shannon and Steffen Peters S Peters Dressage

"We have found the Equiderma products to be the best we have ever used! Not only are most organic and natural, but the shine they produce on the horses coats and effectiveness of all the products is second to none! We had two horses with long standing skin issues- one with hives and one with hair loss on the mane and tail. After trying everything we could think of both topically and internally, and I mean EVERYTHING. Equiderma worked immediately! The hives went down 90% after the first bath, and the hair started growing on the mane and tail after using the shampoo and lotion, within three days! We highly recommend these products!"

Shannon and Steffen Peters
S Peters Dressage

"Ranger came to live with us as a result of ten months of rain rot that his previous owners couldn't get under control, even with veterinary intervention. Rain rot in Northern Nevada was something new to me as an equine rescuer. Nine weeks passed with Ranger under my care and six supposed "this will do the trick for rain rot" purchased products later. I often felt I was fighting a losing battle to free Ranger of the inflammation and oozing lesions that covered 75% of his body. My lucky day came when I happened across a rain rot forum posting/boasting about the success an individual had had with Telesis Equiderma Lotion for equine skin conditions. I put my order in for 2 bottles and anxiously awaited delivery. I applied the first treatment the day the box arrived. With the severity and extent of Ranger's case it took one whole bottle (16oz.) to cover the major affected areas in the first treatment. The following morning I headed to the barn to again perform my two hour daily ritual of debriding scabs. As I started my task I found I was screeching with glee over the improvements made in just eighteen hours from the time of the initial treatment. All the lesions that were treated were no longer oozing and they were free of any new scabbing. I was breathless as I ran my hand over each treated area. I then sat down and cried. I was so overwhelmed to have finally found a product that truly worked EXACTLY as the product description had stated. Yet saddened knowing all the pain and suffering Ranger had gone thru from other purchased products and daily debriding of scabs. Not one of the other products even came close to the improvement from using the Equiderma Skin Lotion. Suddenly panic struck. I only had one more bottle. GADS! I immediately placed my second order for six more. It had provided such amazing results in only 18 hours, I was making darn sure I was never ever without this product again. Today was treatment three and only 1 week after Ranger's initial treatment. All of his lesions are now healed over with nice healthy skin. There is HAIR growing back. "A True Miracle" indeed. I firmly believe this is the only product that SHOULD be on the market. The customer service I received from Bethany, the creator of TEL, was absolutely priceless in itself. I had placed a call to her for any extra tips for Ranger's extremely infected tail stub. The knowledge she shared with me about rain rot and the compassion she expressed for Ranger's unnecessary suffering is customer service no longer found in today's society. She took time out from her busy schedule to provide extra help to customers like myself and Ranger. She has great pride in her products and she should be damn proud of that! GOLD STAR Bethany!"

Cyndra Wessman
R Savana Ranch
Washoe Valley, NV

Claudine Doyon and Gypsy Lakeridge So British

 Hi my name is Claudine and I come from Quebec, Canada.  My big boy, Gypsy Lakeridge So British, that I love dearly and have owned since 2011, has been suffuring from what I now know is Mallenders and Sallenders. 4 vets have seen him over the years. I even went to the Veterinary Hospital to see a dermatologist and the diagnosis was always the same; clip the legs and put lime sulfur on it.  There was no way I would do that.  I have tried everything and anything to help my horse. I even ordered a product from France (which I had to have a personal clearance from Santé Canada). more than 1 case of MTG. 1 bag of 50 kg of sulfur mixed with mineral oil, Young thieves oil, many essential oils mixed with zinc paste, and many other mixtures.  Recently, I was introduced to Equiderma Skin Lotion for horses.  Only ONE application the evening I got it and the next morning the scabs that had been there for months, the scabs I couldn't get off, came off by themselves! I since put some on every day just to be on the safe side and he has been free of all scabs ever since.  This product is THE MIRACLE I was hoping for.  The lotion has saved my horse and took a heavy load off my shoulders.   THANK YOU BETHANY! You are an Angel...

Claudine Doyon and Gypsy
Lakeridge So British

chronic scurfy, itchy hind legs (front and back) and belly hotspot from chronic midge bite hypersensitivity on horse skin
chronic scurfy, itchy hind legs (front and back) and belly hotspot from chronic midge bite hypersensitivity

Happy horse thanks to ONE application of Equiderma Skin Lotion to chronic scurfy, itchy hind legs (front and back) and belly hotspot from chronic midge bite hypersensitivity. I've had him 10 years and can't apply topicals consistently (too much time away working to pay for his good care). I ordered right after seeing Sparkles Sue Allegretta's success story, I know her horse and saw the results. The lotion arrived two days later. I applied it and left for my work week. I came back 7 days later, and WOW! First time he was relaxed when giving a thorough lower leg grooming. No stomping, moving, tail-twitching or stressed muzzle and ears when I rubbed him all over his new NORMAL, non scaly legs. No instant nudging for a belly scratch when touching his former hot spot on belly. He used to stop eating for a rub. I never knew he was THAT uncomfortable with his legs. Even on an old major surgical leg scar I always thought he was just worried about when I touched it, it was only itch/pain from what looked like mild but chronic skin irritation. (Now I want a hoof care product like this!) Thanks : )

Laura Pine

Thank You Bethany for making such wonderful products. I will never use anything else again!  Your products work and I thank you for taking the time to talk to me personally about the products. There are not many company's you can call and talk to the owner. I appreciate all the time and effort you put into your products! Thanks Again!

Penny Oneson - Dobas

My Horse is CURED with Equiderma!
Sparkles Sue Alegretta

"My 6 year old Drum horse mare suffers from allergies. She had sores the entire length of her belly, udder, and sides of her face and in between her front legs. These sores itched and she would lay down to scratch her belly and the sides of her face. The sides of her face would bleed from her scratching. Her tail was non-existent. I tried prescriptions from the vet, oral allergy medications, wound salves, Skin So Soft, fly ointment, fly spray and nothing helped. All I could do was treat the new sores. Enter Equiderma Skin Lotion. Ed Dabney introduced me to this product and WOW! It is a rare find when a product EXCEEDS the claims of how well it works. I applied the lotion every day for 1 week and the sores were healing or GONE! Her face has no signs of any scratching and her belly line is clear. This was all without a bath in the Equiderma Neem Shampoo which helped her immensely last fall. It has been too cold to bathe her. I cannot say enough about the entire line, but the conditioner is my and Grace’s go to product. It keep her comfortable and sore free and keeps me happy with less than half the expense of prior years and a lot less work on my part! Thank You so much!"

Rena Compton and Amazing Grace

"I purchased the Equiderma Skin Lotion for my horse, with excellent results. My dog had a large scab on the side of her face. She is a Golden Retriever with skin allergies. My Vet said it was a hot spot and gave me an antibiotic, which produced little results. It was as big as a quarter. I then thought about using the Equiderma since I had such good results with my horse. In four days the scab was gone. I found a large area in her armpit with irritation from the allergies. I applied the Equiderma lotion, it was gone in two days. Later she developed another one on the opposite side of the face. It was gone after two applications of the skin lotion. Amazing! I also have since used the sheath cleaner. Amazing how well and fast it worked compared to the gel type. Your products are amazing. Going to get the fly spray in the spring. Thanks for great products I cannot say enough about how amazing they are."

Beth Bumgardner

"So happy to have finally found a product that does what it says it will do! The Equiderma Skin Lotion has done amazing things for the horses at Peaceful Ridge Rescue. My horse, Slim Shady was adopted from the rescue and is highly prone to rain rot. Last summer he was totally bald on half his body. This summer I discovered Equiderma Skin Lotion. Not only does it quickly rid Slim and the other rescue horses of rain rot but after using it he has not had a bout all summer long. Thank you so much for helping my rescue horse and Thanks to Peaceful Ridge Rescue for turning me on to Equiderma products."

Cathy Rivera
Miramar, Florida

As a Non Profit Organization we rely solely on contributions/donations from those who believe in our cause "Whippoorwill Horse Rescue".  I have been through the wringer of learning what products work and those that fail to meet their promises of relief for skin problems, injuries and simply getting our horses clean without harsh chemicals.  I was to the point of giving up on believing in another product and wasting much needed money until by chance I came across Bethany Padgett's product line - Equiderma, on the internet.  When horses arrive here, they are not only malnourished but riddled with "rain rot", cuts and open wounds ... to name a few.  After my package of Equiderma arrived, I put it to work immediately.  I used everything from the shampoo and conditioner to the fly spray and ointments. Within days I could see the difference and found relief in seeing my rescues heal. I can't tell you how much a truly effective product means to me in my line of work.  I love sharing Equiderma with my horsey friends and adopters and feel good in knowing for a fact that is works ... just as it says it will. 

Thank you so much Bethany for your determination in helping to heal our four legged friends and for Equiderma.

Cathy Padgett
President and Founder of Whippoorwill Horse Rescue
Whippoorwill Horses, Inc

"I thought my horse had rain rot. He lost hair on his neck and had scabs in his mane. I ordered the skin lotion. I had used it for several days; the vet was coming to the stable where he is boarded so I had her look at him. She did not think it was rain rot, the rest of hair was in excellent condition. She felt it was an allergic reaction to a bite or sting, but said to continue what I was using, Equiderma skin lotion. This is really good stuff, his hair has all returned and he liked the lotion, it was very soothing to his sore skin. I would highly recommend the lotion."

Rita Kelley

"I have a Rocky Mountain horse that is very sensitive to bug bites and itches his hair off. It is AMAZING the difference the Equiderma lotion makes. It works better than any other product I've tried! In a week's time, the hair had grown back and the sores were gone on his face! Equiderma lotion works wonders and doesn't have a nasty smell or feel. I absolutely love it and so does Moose! I'm a buyer for life. I've given away my other products and all I use now is Equiderma! Thanks for making such a great product."

Angie Moore

"Prozac Pony always has flies on his legs, except for a few brief weeks in what passes for the dead of winter here in Nevada, when there are no flies. I have used many other fly sprays with poor results. They are ineffective and don’t last long. I sprayed his legs thoroughly yesterday with Equiderma Fly Spray and they are still fly free today. Simply Amazing!"

Ann Ezell

"We use your products exclusively on our three horses, twelve guardian dogs and on our dairy goats. Wonderful products for wound care, skin care, rashes and dry skin. Best products ever and we are so glad we found them."

Julia Schewchuk

"I hope you got the before and after pictures of our black standard poodle, Simon. Simon was diagnosed with sebaceous adenitis about two years ago. He was on five meds given three times a day. He never felt well from the drugs, but if we lowered the dose his skin and hair would get infected and really bad. We were facing the very real option of putting him down. His quality of life was so poor. We were constantly trying to find a balance. A few months ago it seemed we were losing ground anyway. That’s when I heard about For the Love of Dogs Neem Shampoo and Conditioner. The first couple of weeks on it he lost lots of bad hair. The next couple of weeks he lost lots of dead skin. Then he actually started to grow hair! He is now off all his meds. The shampoo worked better than the expensive seborrhea shampoo I had been using (now I’ve got almost a gallon left over). His hair texture is greatly improved. The flaky skin is gone and it’s obvious he feels better. People are amazed at how great he looks now. Thank you so much. Your products save his life."

Julie Arnold
Henderson, Nevada

"I just wanted to say that the Equiderma Skin Lotion is awesome. My horse had a lesion on his side for four years. I had the area biopsied and it was not cancer, not rain rot, and supposedly not a bacterial or fungal infection. The lesion was slowly spreading down his side. I have a friend that used Equiderma Lotion on a horse with rain rot that she rescued and the results were amazing. I thought, what the heck! Let’s give it a try. I purchased a bottle and consulted with Bethany on how often to apply the lotion. She said to remove the covering of the lesion, wash the area and apply the lotion once a day. I did as instructed and after eight days the lesion was gone, the skin a healthy normal color and in three weeks, no recurrence. I have a cupboard full of products I have tried on this and the only thing that worked was the Equiderma Lotion. Thank You Bethany."

Kathy Eubank
Dallas, Texas

"EQUIDERMA Antibacterial and Antifungal Lotion has helped many of my equine patients overcome the skin lesion associated with culicoides hypersensitivity. Having a practice in Florida, I see a large amount of skin disease. I would recommend EQUIDERMA™ Lotion for any of my patients that have skin lesions complicated by bacteria or fungus and feel comfortable that it would significantly help their condition."

E.L. Brown, DVM
Braden River Animal Hospital

"Bethany, I called your 800 number last Saturday, not expecting, but praying someone would answer. By my good fortune, you answered the phone. We discussed my need for a product that would work on the horse with a bad case of rain rot. Before calling you I did shampoo the horse with a betadine shampoo, but wanted something more effective. I began searching the internet for something that would work. Luckily, I read a blog where someone recommended your product. I googled your product name and found your site. I purchased the lotion, shampoo and scratches ointment upon your recommendation. I could hardly wait to get your products. The betadine shampoo didn't do anything. Still the mare looked bad. Now for the good part, there are two other stablemates who have rain rot as well, pretty bad but not as bad as the mare I lease....They, like me, initially used betadine shampoo, because it didn't work they bought and used Micro-Tek shampoo and spray. The pressure was on for me to "do something" with this mare...the others were using the Micro-Tek, the horses smelled great. I would not buy it...I could hardly wait to receive your products. Finally it arrived on Tues.... I was going to bathe the mare but didn't have time, so I applied/ rubbed in the lotion all over the affected areas of her body, face, ears, neck belly, back, legs, etc. I used well over a half bottle. By Weds. , the mare was looking pretty rough, (the product was softening the scabs and they were lifting, the owner was anxious for me to bathe the horse).... Thurs, I used your shampoo, scrubbed her with a brush and one of those rubber scrub mitts. The scabs came off easily...just as you said they would. I didn't have to pick at the scabs, just scrub and rinse.... When she dried she looked so shiny... Now for the really, really good part. Yesterday I went to check on her. She and her stable mate (who was treated with Micro Tek) were in the pasture, my mare looked beautiful, her coat was so shiny, sleek, no visible bumps, and you would never have known she had a bad case of rain rot. The other horse treated with Micro Tek didn't look very good. His skin was dry and flaky and still had some nasty areas. The owner said to me, “your mare was worse than my horse and yours looks far better.” She had used up a full bottle of Micro Tek shampoo and spray. I'll never be without your products. I am so impressed with the quick results. My horse is lucky I found your products. Thanks Bethany for your concern for my mare and going out of your way to send me the products last Saturday. Customer service like yours is rare. I knew you were as concerned about my horse as I was. Wish I would have taken before and after pics.
Thank You from all of us!"

Theresa Tulle

"I wanted to follow up with you and thank you for the AWESOME care package that you sent. I haven’t had a chance to try everything yet, but as you know I love Equiderma Skin Lotion. We started right away with the Neem Shampoo and Zinc Paste for Scratches and can already see a difference! As I mentioned this is a problem that has been with her since we have had this mare. Her pastern swelling has decreased and the scabs and scars have started to loosen. In addition, I wanted to say that I enjoyed the brochure you sent. I think you have a wonderful company and I am a big supporter of your products."

Jeramie West
Sales Representative
Ivesco LLC

"Thank you for your awesome products - my horses were on anti-biotic injections for 10 days and steroid anti-inflammatory meds with no results. Nothing seemed to help and it was a nightmare to heal until we started with Equiderma. We are over the problem now. Noticed few tiny scabs on one horse inside of clear leg, probably spread from the other one so put the lotion on and scabs were gone by the next day. It’s fantastic. A friend was looking after another girls horse and it had some sweet itch on its neck - gave her some of this and it cleared it up in 2 days - she wants a bottle too, she also used a bit on her horse, it wasn’t a fungal infection or anything like that, just a scab from a cut and it healed it up quickly too. Could I please order another 12 bottles with the quick delivery? Thank you so much for all your help - this has truly been fantastic, and helped me keep my sanity!! I will also be paying my saddlery a visit to ask them to stock this - will forward their details - I think everyone should have the benefit of this. I know that if I’d had it at the start it would have saved me hundreds in vet fees. Thanks again."

Pam Antrim
Northern Ireland

"I absolutely love your skin lotion. It cleans up what I refer to as “the summer crud” so quickly! This summer my 22 year old TB gelding got hives as an allergic reaction to some bug bites, and then the spots went bald. The Equiderma Skin Lotion helped soothe the skin and re-grow the hair in an amazingly short period of time. I recently “met” a mare who had been very ill early this summer and had lost all the hair around her rump on both sides of her tail. The Equiderma lotion grew her hair back in less than a week. It is truly an amazing product (I believe I am recycling my superlatives!!) I learned of it by word of mouth, and have been recommending it to others ever since. Thank you so much for your great product! It helps me be a better “Mom” to the crew."

Maureen Hawes

"Hello, just thought I would write and say what fantastic products you all have... Now my baby will have his old coat back (which was beautiful because I take good care of my minis!)... It smells so wonderful, is not nasty to apply and works great. I will definitely order more when I run out. Thanks for your fantastic products."

Michele Luna, Stitch's mom (Stitch is a 3 year old mini horse who is part of our family)

"The owner of Horseman’s Supply absolutely swears by Equiderma and talked me into trying it. I have at least 4 or 5 bottles of other “fungicides” which are still sitting on a shelf – over ¾ full and none of them worked. Since it is such a great product and very few people carry it, I would love to discuss the opportunity of sharing this product with others in this area. I live in Fort Worth and there are thousands of horse owners around here. I have heard so many of them complaining about bald spots on their horses – what a great opportunity to expose them to your product."

Laurie Simpter

"Equiderma and its amazing founder are doing wonderful things for animals and for people...the cowgirl behind this company is soulful, kind and authentic and so are her products...I believe in the products and in the mission of kiddos, Jane & Beau, love them too!!
Bethany, you ROCK!! Love ya."
Dream Big • Work Hard • Have Faith

Templeton Thompson

"I am happy to endorse and recommend Equiderma products. After using Equiderma on several tough fungus cases, I saw rapid improvement which led to complete disappearance of the fungus in a short time. Over the years we've used many products and remedies for treatment of skin fungus with limited success but the Equiderma products are, by far, the most effective treatment and the easiest to apply product we have ever used."

Ed Dabney
Ed Dabney Gentle Horsemanship

"I love all of these products! I would recommend them to everybody in the horse industry. I really like the shampoo. I don't know of any other that makes the coat look so healthy and shiny and I’ve used them all. I trained a mustang for the Texas Challenge and he scored 120 out of 120 for conditioning, a perfect score. I put this down to these marvelous products. I hope to score the same with my new mustang at Madison in April. Thank you so much Bethany."

TJ Clibborn

"I have just loved the soap-free shampoo and lotion, when I'm able to find it. Unfortunately, only those 2 products are available at our local feed store. Your website is amazing and I found so much more. I went to check out and the cost of shipping was prohibitive to buying on line. Hopefully, more of your products can be made available to shop locally. I just wanted to tell you that your products have been a lifesaver to many horses here over a very hot, buggy south Florida summer. Thanks for your time."

Mary McGlynn
City, FL

"I'm not one to offer unsolicited testimonials, but really wanted to share my experience with you in regards to your product. Two days ago when bringing my "Sr. Citizen" in for breakfast, I noticed his back legs were stocked up to the size of stove pipes. Upon closer examination I noticed he had a terrible case of scratches on all 4 legs. Really bad scabs and oozing sores all over.
I had recently purchased the jar of zinc oxide paste for just such a scenario, but had been using it for minor cuts, etc. His legs were too dirty to clip, so I washed them with your shampoo, dried his legs and put a generous coating of zinc oxide paste on all 4 legs from the hocks down.
Second Day: I brought him in again the next morning to find almost all of the swelling had gone down with the exception of some slight swelling in the fetlock area. I repeated the same treatment as day one while noticing the sores had dried up considerably and the scabs softened.
Third Day: Oh My Gosh...all of the swelling was gone. I used a clean towel to wipe down all dirt and dry them. The sores are gone with the exception of just a few (and they were very mild in comparison their original state). I went ahead and repeated the same application to all four legs. Three days and healed. Incredible! This product is terrific. Great consistency, smell and ease of application. I love it. Also, this particular horse gets welts and hive like protrusions from certain bug bites. I put the zinc oxide paste on them and the swelling goes down over night. This product is a must-have for every barn's medicine cabinet. I'm on my second, soon-to-be third jar of it. Great Stuff!!! Thanks."

Kathy Hansard

"I must tell you that we are totally wowed by your new products. I have two horses in particular who tear themselves apart every summer scratching their chronic itching. Sage, a 12 year old Arab has shredded the skin on his face, neck and chest. He also has lesions on his upper legs and belly. We decided to treat him with the wound salve since everything was bloody and open. His improvement is nothing short of miraculous. We are continuing to treat him with the salve, and using the Equiderma Skin Lotion on his mane and tail. He is actually growing hair on the spots that we have treated with MTG, prescription meds (oral and topical), triple antibiotic ointment and a host of other products with no results. The best part...he spends his days playing and grazing, not scratching himself raw. Tabaco, a 7 year old Paso Fino has had chronic mane and tail rubbing and sores on his face and neck. Same story. Big improvement quickly. We are rubbing the wound salve into his mane and tail to heal the lesions he has created by scratching. We are finally getting some mane regrowth. We also love the zinc oxide cream. The heel scratches take just a few days to heal and fall away. Your shampoo has become a staple here, especially with our dog Jake, who has chronic skin problems. He has suffered for nearly a year and we have shampooed with sulphur and tar shampoos and anything else you can think of. The Equiderma Neem Shampoo gives him relief and we are seeing significant improvement and regrowth of his hair. I am amazed at the quality and effectiveness of all these products. Thanks."

Bobbie Burns
Founder of Windhorse Sanctuary

"Just wanted to let you know how wonderful your product is! I have an old Arabian that had some kind of skin condition. We tried every product we could find (and a few home remedies) and he kept scratching. I am now on my second bottle of your product and he is healing up, and the scratching has completely stopped. Thanks for the relief!"

Suzanne Hemley
Calabasas, California

"YES! My horse is already growing his hair back and FAST too! Other people at my barn were wondering WHAT was going on with my horses skin ( bare patches) I told them he had rain rot in those areas and told them I was using your product, they said “OH that’s the blue stuff” they saw on his skin”. They were so surprised to see his hair growing back so fast and that all the bumps were gone. I will definitely be ordering more soon to keep for any future problems. Thanks again for your reply, it really made me feel better."

Diane Potts

"I have been using your Equiderma Lotion on my horse and a friends to clear up fungus. It works fantastic. I had tried almost everything else out there until I found your product at a tack store. I will get some pictures of my friends gelding and some after pictures in a couple of weeks. He is losing hair everywhere…..face, flanks, chest, neck, etc. He has this problem every summer but it is worse this year. We started using your product last week and we can already tell the fungus has stopped spreading and the areas are starting to heal…..after only 2 treatments! I am anxious to see what he will look like after a few more treatments. As far as your product, I found it at Horseman’s Supply in Weatherford, Texas. I have looked at numerous tack shops in the Dallas / Ft. Worth area (including Teskey’s, Sergents, etc.) and have never seen it anywhere else. The owner of Horseman’s Supply absolutely swears by your products and talked me into trying them. I have at least 4 or 5 bottles of other “fungicides” which are still sitting on a shelf – over ¾ full and none of them worked. Since it is such a great product and very few people carry it, I would love to discuss the opportunity of sharing this product with others in this area. I live in Fort Worth and there are thousands of horse owners around here. I have heard so many of them complaining about bald spots on their horses – what a great opportunity to expose them to your product. Thanks again. I look forward to hearing from you."

Laurie Simpter
Fort Worth, Texas

"I just want to say that the Equiderma Skin Lotion is awesome. My horse has had a lesion on his side for four years. I had the area biopsied and it was not cancer, not rain rot, and supposedly not a bacterial or fungal infection. The lesion was slowly spreading down his side. I have a friend that used the Equiderma lotion on a horse with rain rot that she rescued and the results were amazing. I thought, well what the heck, let's try it. I purchased a bottle and consulted with Bethany on how often to apply the lotion. She said to remove the covering of the lesion, wash the area and apply the lotion once a day. I did as she instructed and after eight days the lesion was gone, the skin was a healthy normal color and in the three weeks since the last application, no recurrence. I have a cupboard full of products that I have tried on this lesion and the only thing that worked was the Equiderma Lotion. Thank you Bethany!"

Kathy Eubank
Dallas, Texas

"It’s that time of year again and I would like to place an order for 2 of the 55 gal drums of fly spray. Hopefully that will get us through the season. I've already told you, but I'll say it again, the spray is wonderful, and we're so grateful to be able to have it. Nothing we have tried comes close to keeping the bugs away. Besides the usual bugs we have a huge amount of deer flies here in the summer and it even keeps them off when we use it as a wipe. Hallelujah! Some of our horses are highly allergic and it has been a lifesaver."

Andrea Allen

"We live in SW Washington near the woods and I have an Arabian/mustang cross that is allergic to no-see-ums - we've tried many different products, creams, lotions, liquids, feeding garlic, fly sprays, Benadryl, fans, sheets, etc. What has worked for us the best so far is Equiderma fly spray to keep them off and applying Equiderma lotion to any affected areas/bites as soon as any itching starts. This guy will rub out his tail head, mane, shoulders, face, stomach, chest, etc… if I don't keep him treated. I have tried so many different products that he was starting to run from me when I went out to the barn, but the Equiderma must be more soothing and it smells good too - he doesn't seem to mind it at all! Thank you for making these wonderful products."

Heidi Larson
Yacolt, Washington

"I… LOVE… THESE…. PRODUCTS!!! I initially tried Equiderma Skin Lotion because my mare would not stop her tail itching. The lotion has worked better than any other product I have used and is really easy to apply. The conditioner is just about the best thing for my Friesians mane and tail...keeps it tangle-free for weeks without me needing to comb it with anything other than my fingers...and it smells amazing. I also use the shampoo, which is fabulous, and it lasts forever. I have recommended this product line to several friends who are now also addicted. Thank you for putting your time into your products so our horses may enjoy such a pampered and natural lifestyle!"

Gloria Olson
Des Moines, Iowa

"Thanks for the donation of our great big box of couldn't have come at a better time. We just took in two elderly horses, 26 and 27 and in remarkably good shape. The palomino reared in the trailer and tore a huge chunk of skin off his forehead...all the way to the bone. A surgeon came to the farm and it took two hours to stitch him up. The good news is that the favorite part of his day is getting your wound salve rubbed onto the stitches and around his head. The flies are staying off and he is healing beautifully...looking great for such a short time. And he is not rubbing the stitches since the salve keeps them from drying out. We are also using the horse spray on him and I had a chance to use the sheath cleaner while he was knocked out...he was a mess down there...and had HUGE beans in his was painful to extract them. One was the size of a small walnut and had to be cut into pieces to get it out. Sorry to bother you with the gritty details, but we used the sheath cleaner to scrub him up inside and out (which was also a horrible mess) and it took no time at all. I can't believe how quickly it dissolved the gunk he has accumulated down there over the years. What a great product! I didn't intend this to be a testimonial letter but that's how it's coming out, isn't it? Just wanted to say Thank You, Thank You for your support and help. XO from all our horses."

Georgie Long
Marietta, Georgia

"I want to thank you for producing a product that works so well! When I moved from Connecticut to Florida, I found Equiderma on the shelf at my local feed store and bought a bottle. I have to tell you I was amazed at how quickly it cleared up the horrible rain rot my horses had. Just one or two applications and it was gone. When I lived up north, it would take weeks using the products available there to clear it up, and it was really quite labor intensive, and some of the products actually irritated my horse's skin. I recommend Equiderma to everyone whenever they ask what to use for rain rot and other skin issues. Thanks so much!"

Tina Karlen
Citra, Florida

"Your product is fantastic. After hurricane Irene hit last fall our horses developed a terrible case of rain rot. A good section of one of my horse's left side was bare from the condition. I used Equiderma every other day for 7 days. His coat came back beautifully and you can't tell that there was ever a problem. Additionally, I work with a local humane society that took in a dog with a bad skin condition on her tail that was very bloody, raw and itchy. After doses of medication that failed to alleviate the problem, they considered "docking" her tail. I brought them some of the Equiderma which they used every other day and the condition resolved almost immediately...It was truly a miracle how fast it healed up. She was able to keep her nice tail! Many thanks for such a great product."

Dawn Steele

"The Leave on Lotion and the Scratches Paste are healing whatever Calypso has going on and she now looks forward to having her sore pasterns handled without trying to kick or struggle away... it was quite painful for her and I am happy she is feeling better and as a result she is eating better and is back moving around and playing with her companions. The Neem shampoo also helped one of my miniature's skin - she had a show and normally "breaks out" in hives after we clip her. After shampooing with the Neem shampoo, Freedom's skin was clear and healthy and no hives erupted. Like I said, I am recommending it to all my friends and they are also excited about finally having products that work!"

Denise & Friends
Mercy, star of Animal Planet's, A Pet Story
Mercy Bo Cool, multi champion and literary horse
Freedom, Saoirse, Weatherly and Calypso
Silversong Farm

"Just wanted to let you know how wonderful your product is! I have an old Arabian that had some kind of skin condition. We tried every product we could find (and a few home remedies) and he kept scratching. I am now on my second bottle of your product and he is healing up beautifully, and the scratching has completely stopped. Thanks for the relief!"

Andrea Abbot

"Diesel is doing fantastic now, thanks! The other mare we have is doing wonderfully well also, no sign at all of anything. I'll need to order some more soon anyway to keep in stock for the wet season due soon, but I'll keep you in the loop too. If you don't hear from me, please give me a nudge! It really is a great product and the only thing that worked. Equiderma, I see as the essential item in the horse owners' shed!"

Simon Yates
Brisbon Australia

"Just thought I would write and say what a fantastic product you all have...The Equiderma is working like a charm for my mini horse, Stitch, who had some kind of itchy dandruff problem for the past 6 weeks...I tried everything on him to get it to go away, and I mean everything.... Finally I saw your web page and ordered some to help him out....I did exactly as the directions read and lo and behold; the skin is clearing up only after 2 applications.... I am so happy.... Now my baby will have his old coat which was beautiful because I take good care of my mini and give him coat enhancers....So folks, my barn will never be without this is a life saver and it smells so wonderful, and is not nasty.... It’s great!!! I will definitely order more when I run out and it will always be a staple in my tack box. Thanks so much. You people are fantastic...God bless."

Michele Luna

"I have an Icelandic horse who suffers terribly from skin problems especially in the warm weather when the "no-see-ums" bite her. I have used Equiderma Scratches Paste for several years to control the damage done by the bites and ensuing scabs, etc. One of the things I like about it is that it stays in place for a long time after you apply it allowing for the medicinal properties to work. Great product - would not be without it."

Mark Liebergall
Ponymare Farm
Millerton, NY

"Most of the horses we take in at Proud Spirit come from neglectful situations. This usually results in a lowered immune system, so we see lots of serious skin problems when they first arrive. Equiderma skin lotion is hands down the best product I've ever used to battle rain rot and its associated problems. The entire Equiderma line is top quality. I love the fact that it's all non-toxic, everything smells great, I can apply it without using gloves and that it's "cruelty free"...but the best part is it works."

Melanie Sue Bowles
The Horses of Proud Spirit
Proud Spirit Horse Sanctuary

"I wanted to write and let you know how much your Equiderma products have helped my mare. She has had a rough transition to Florida from her home in Tennessee. The bugs, rain, and hot weather have taken a hard toll on her. She developed severe skin infections and was rubbing herself bloody. I had several vets try different treatments and they helped for a short while, but always ended with more breakouts, more meds and more money down the drain. After trying every product my local equine store recommended a friend suggested Equiderma lotion. I finally found a product that worked and kept on working even through the harsh Florida summer. She stopped rubbing and has maintained her beautiful coat for two years now. I include Equiderma lotion as part of her regular grooming along with using the wound ointment on cuts and bites. Thank you for all the amazing products! Oh… and my mare thanks you too!!"

D. Ferguson & Ella

"I have to tell you my results using Equiderma. For or six years I tried to get rid of scratches on my Friesian gelding. He was consistently lame and I was rarely able to ride him because of the problem. It was disheartening to finally have the horse of my dreams and to not be able to fully enjoy him because of what seemed to be an unsolvable problem. Finally we found a solution! After two weeks of using Equiderma paste, lotion and shampoo, his condition completely cleared and has not come back! He is not swollen and is finally sound. I had spent untold amounts of money to no avail… after spending 75.00$ on your products we are now in the clear. God Bless You. I am astonished by the results. Thank You, Thank You."

Lucille Marchand

"I absolutely love your skin lotion. It cleans up what I refer to as “the summer crud” so quickly! This summer my 22 year old TB gelding got hives as an allergic reaction to some bug bites, and then the spots went bald. The Equiderma Skin Lotion helped soothe the skin and re-grow the hair in an amazingly short period of time. I recently “met” a mare who had been very ill early this summer and had lost all the hair around her rump on both sides of her tail. The Equiderma lotion grew her hair back in less than a week. It is truly an amazing product (I believe I am recycling my superlatives!!) I learned of it by word of mouth, and have been recommending it to others ever since. Thank you so much for your great product! It helps me be a better “Mom” to the crew."

Maureen Hawes

"Having a busy boarding and training facility in Florida means I see a wide range of skin disease. Whatever the problem EQUIDERMA takes care of it… my boarders swear by it. You can find a bottle of EQUIDERMA in every tack box in my barn. It works...!"

Jane Whitehurst
Owner: Chantilly Farms
USDF Gold Medallist

"Following the birth of my first baby I returned to the barn to find that an FEI Dressage horse I had for sale had developed fungus all over his sides and hind legs. Time was of the essence because I was showing him to clients the following day. I was told that EQUIDERMA would take care of it overnight, and it did. The fungus lifted right off and washed away. You would never have known it was there."

Melissa Young Jackson
Dressage Trainer & USDF Gold Medalist

"I had used EQUIDERMA on my horse with great results, so when my dog developed an itchy, yucky, scabby, scaly problem on his side I went to my trusty bottle and gave it a shot. VOILA’ it went away quickly in about four treatments… I swear by EQUIDERMA™"

Donna Baytos
Dressage Rider

"My dog, Hollywood, had bad hot spots on both of his front paws. For years we tried to cure it, with everything the Vet and pet stores had to offer. Nothing worked so we resigned ourselves to the fact that Hollywood would have them the rest of his life. It got so bad that we had to keep a lamp shade on him to keep him from chewing himself, and getting blood all over the house. For the Love of Dogs was the only thing that made a difference. It was a miracle… Hollywood's hot spots healed in no time. He’s a much happier boy now and we thank you for that!"

Karin Koerner

"My daughters’ cat had a sore on her neck that would not heal. Our vet was baffled because it would not go away. We tried everything from cortisone, antibiotics to herbal treatments. My cousin gave me a bottle of EQUIDERMA wound ointment and in two treatments the sore dried up and went away. EQUIDERMA is amazing. I’m a believer!"

Kimberly Mullen

"Being active on the dressage show circuit means my horses have to look their best at all times. EQUIDERMA has consistently come through for us. I recommend its use for any horse who has skin hypersensitivity to insect bites, razor burn, or problems with fungus and rain rot."

Sue Kolstad
USDF Gold Medallist

"I wanted to write and tell you how wonderful your product is. My dog, "Pepper" has been suffering for years with raised scabs all over his back. I have spent hundreds of dollars, countless trips to my vet, bought special shampoos and food to try and rid my poor dog of this annoying problem with no success. I admit I was skeptical when I heard about EQUIDERMA - but now I'm a believer. It worked within four days and completely made his skin condition disappear! The pictures really tell the story. Pepper and I thank you for this wonderful product."

Robin Horne, R.N.

"To Whom It May Concern: As a horseman and dressage instructor with over 40 years’ experience dealing with horses of all types. I have seen thousands of cases of fungal and bacterial epidermal lesions and have tried hundreds of over the counter and prescribed products to cure them. EQUIDERMA™ is by far the most effective product I have used. It is quick, fast acting, non-messy, and easy to apply. I can recommend it wholeheartedly."

Robert C. Braren
Horseman/Dressage Trainer
USDF "L" Graduate with Distinction
USDF Bronze Medalist

"Equiderma is the only product I have used that actually does what it says it will do. My horse Bounce is a fungus magnet and I've spent many hours scrubbing and picking to remove it. This is painful for my horse and frustrating for me. Finding EQUIDERMA is a godsend, and my tack truck will never be without it."

Elly Pope
Bradenton, Florida

"My dog Bogey had an undiagnosed skin problem on his feet and legs. He drove us nuts itching and scratching constantly. I tried betadine, anti-biotic ointment, cortisone, rubbing alcohol, anti-histamine cream, and none of it worked. I was using EQUIDERMA on my horse and decided to give it a try on Bogey. It cured him in four applications. I'm a firm believer in the efficacy of EQUIDERMA. It really works!"

Dr. Liz Usher

"I have a Shetland pony named Poppy. I got Poppy 2 years ago as a rescue and was told he has "skin allergies". I had no idea what I was getting into. Together with my veterinarians, a treatment plan was put in place for Poppy to manage what has since been diagnosed as culicoides hypersensitivity/sweet itch and then neck threadworm. This summer, when Poppy's sweet itch wasn't responding at all to even steroid therapy, I decided I should worm for NTW to see if that was what was hindering our recovery. Within days of treating for NTW Poppy's skin ERUPTED. It was so awful. His mane, face, belly and dock were painful, raw and oozing. Poppy was in misery with itching. I had recently placed an order for Equiderma Neem Shampoo and called to see when I should expect delivery. I'm so thankful I called. Unlike many professionals in my area, Bethany knew all about this NTW that I was dealing with. She gave me instructions on using the product. What she also gave me was some much needed hope. I received the first batch of products the next day. I was nervous to put shampoo on open wounds but by Poppy's reaction I could tell it was soothing. The shampoo and lotion seemed to calm the itch quickly and within 24 hours I saw improvement. Within 48 hours I couldn't believe the results. With frequent applications of the lotion, his skin was healing. I have been taking pictures to show the dramatic transformation that took place on his raw and itchy skin. I have tried countless skin products over the past 2 years and this is the first one to soothe and heal my pony's irritated skin. I know we still have a long road ahead of us but I am so thankful to have a product that is soothing and amazingly effective in healing such raw and irritated skin lesions."

Rachael Tonsmeire

"I had the pleasure of meeting Bethany and seeing her product line during the Florida season in the winter of 2014 and had an even better opportunity to be able to try several different products. I have since used every product on various horses and have to say I am highly impressed. The fly spray works wonders, the skin lotion will clear any rain rot or fungus right up, the shampoo calms hives and leaves the coat soft, the wound ointment keeps wounds soft and healthy looking while they heal, and the zinc oxide paste clears scratches up in no time. I highly recommend all these products to anyone looking for something that works quick, efficiently and effectively, especially if you are like me and have a lot of sensitive skinned horses. Some of the very best products on the market today."

Melissa Miller-Slusser
Melissa Miller Eventing

"Last summer I discovered Equiderma Skin Lotion when CC lost a lot of hair on his neck. The vet thought it was a sting reaction. I looked for something to help the problem and found the Equiderma Skin Lotion. Within a week his hair was all back! My dog had a hot spot on her face so I tried the lotion on it too. After two applications the hot spot was gone. This year at the stable where I board there were several horses with a skin condition, possibly rain rot. I offered my lotion to several people. They were very pleased with the results and have since purchased their own bottles. The sheath cleaner is also excellent as is the shampoo and fly spray."

Beth Bumgardner
Moundsville, WV