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"We found out about the Equiderma products from our friend Kathy Kutzler earlier this year following a nasty accident with our daughters Paint Horse mare named Lucy. Lucy had torn a large portion of her nose on a old bucket hook an it required over a hundred stitches to close. It looked ugly and after a week I sent Kathy a message and a picture and she sent us a wonderful product to try; The Equiderma Wound Ointment. I will be honest, the first treatment with it made the wound look worse but after talking with Bethany Padgett, she explained it was all normal and we continued. Her nose quickly began to heal and the itching stopped which was great because she was ripping the stitches out because of the itching! Lucy's nose has healed beautifully with only a trace of a scar. Later we began using her other products; the fly spray is great and actually works like two products, it repels the flies and makes our horses coats glow, the Skin Lotion is great and the Shampoo is awesome. With our horses' white legs it works as good as any of the white bright shampoos we have tried in the past without the harsh side effects some of them have. We love everything we have used and Bethany has a wealth of helpful advice and knowledge when we've asked for help. Thanks Equiderma!!"

Nina, Bill, Jill, Lucy, and Fonzi

I cannot stand MTG !!! The smell is revolting, the mess it makes is disgusting and it just doesn't seem to work as good as >>> Equiderma !!
I will never be without Equiderma again. Works like a charm every single time for all kinds of different skin ickys. Best of all, no painful scrubbing the scabs off first. Don't know how it does it, but it works without doing that painful procedure to the horse. You just smear it on and a couple days later the scabs will come off easily with healed skin underneath. Stubborn cases I reapply after 2 or 3 days. That's all it ever took !!! And it isn't so gross like MTG.

I Howard

We have one horse who is so tall that the kids who ride him can't reach his back, so he had rain rot. I used their Neem Shampoo on him once and it cleared off the rain rot almost completely. I coupled it with the Leave on Skin Lotion, and his skin problems are gone.

The Skin Lotion is a doubly good buy because it is the only thing we found that gets rid of Cannon Bone scruff. We had another horse who always got a very bad fungus on her face in the summer, to the point that she'd bleed. Putting the Skin Lotion on everyday has totally eliminated the fungus and her hair is starting to grow back.



On and off in the last 25 years I've been a professional groom. I've been through every kind of skin treatment (I've work at a veterinary clinic for the last 11 years so I've used all the small and large animal products). This includes but is not limited to MTG, Nolvasan, simple products, complex ones ect. many of these different ideas that have been posted work in many ways. However the best fungal care I have ever come across with ease of use and most effective is Equiderma. Here is a link to the website. It's not cheap stuff but you don't need much and it works wonders. What I can also tell you is that I know several people that have had the same great experiences with this product.

Lisel Coles

My first Golden lived to be 13 1/2, she had to be put down because of a stroke. No cancer that I knew of and she had regular checkups. My second Golden just turned 3. She has allergy problems, but she is taking AllerG-3, works great. She also developed a couple of hot spots. I used Equiderma skin lotion (which I got for my Horse). Two applications and they are gone. Otherwise so far, so good. Best dogs ever.

Beth Bumgardner

This site enabled me to finally uncover what was wrong with my beautiful Morgan mare. THANK YOU. It has been an excruciating experience. I did find a product stopped the excessive itching, and it has been a life saver. It stops the midges from biting, (she has developed the hypersensitivity) and cleared up all the horrible bald patches where she had been excessively rubbing. She lost half her mane. I’m still in the continuous worming cycle because I live in the US and it’s summer here, but I finally have a handle on it (I think). Anyway, the product line is Equiderma. I just want to share because it was the only thing that truly helped my poor mare. Thank you again.

Elizabeth McIvor