Saddle Sores - Galls



The skin under the saddle and girth on riding horses, and on the shoulder area of driving horses, are common sites for skin and soft tissue damage. Frequently, the condition starts as an acute inflammation of the hair follicles and progresses to a pus-producing condition which can lead to abscesses or fistulous withers.

Affected areas might show hair loss, and areas that are hot, swollen, and painful. Advanced lesions are termed "galls." It is important to ensure your saddle and tack are properly fitted. Any saddle, girth or driving equipment causing these issues must be permanently removed. They will continue to harm your horse. Many behavior issues are the result of ill-fitting tack. When the condition arises, the first line of treatment is absolute rest of the affected area until condition has completely cleared.


Remove and banish ill fitting tack from your horse.  Owner error is the cause of this problem.  If the condition has progressed to an open wound use hydrogen peroxide to help remove scabs and dead tissue, flush well with chlorhexadine solution or scrub, follow by gently washing area with Equiderma Neem Shampoo, rinse and gently pat dry.  Apply Equiderma Wound Ointment.  Repeat this system daily until condition has completely cleared. Do not ride your horse during the healing process and do not use any tack. This is a very painful issue for your horse and requires thoughtful care.  In advanced cases apply warm applications of Equiderma Wound Ointment in hot cloth compresses after you have thoroughly cleansed the area. Identifying and eliminating the cause of the problem, ill-fitting tack, is imperative.

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