Photosensitization or Sunburn


This is a condition in which lightly pigmented skin is susceptible to sunlight damage due to a lack of pigmentation.

Horses with pink skin on muzzles, topline and faces are primary candidates for this affliction. Affected horses will show discomfort and pain, and will seek to scratch or rub the affected area. A reddening of the skin will develop rapidly, followed by swelling and scab formation.


Equiderma Zinc Oxide Paste will provide effective sunblock to the area. It stays on and will prevent sunburn and sun damage to pink, vulnerable skin. Apply Equiderma Zinc Paste for pastern Dermatitis and Sunburn. If your horse has a severe sunburn it is helpful to remove him from all sunlight until the inflammation has subsided.  Gently wash the area with Equiderma Neem Shampoo, rinse, dry and apply Equiderma Calendula Wound Ointment.  If you are unable to remove your horse from sunlight follow directions above and cover with Equiderma Zinc Paste before turning out.

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