Equiderma Neem Conditioner for Mane, Tail and Coat

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Equiderma Neem & Castor Oil Conditioner for Mane, Tail and Coat Health

Horse groomed to perfection? Coat in tip-top condition? Show ready?

"My Friesians have sensitive skin. Using the Equiderma products for maximum protection has eliminated itching, scratches, flaky and irritated skin. The black flies this summer in VT were relentless, however the fly spray kept the flies off the horses for most of the day. The shampoo and conditioner makes their coats squeaky clean, hydrated and with a beautiful shine; even with a roll in the mud and a quick brushing, their coats are gorgeous again. Because of the successes with the products I am using the shampoo, conditioner and skin lotion on my "goofy newfy" who also has sensitive skin. Bottom line, If you own horses and want them to be clean and free of reoccurring skin conditions, give the shampoo and conditioner a try....you will love the results and better yet, you will most certainly have very a happy horse! " - Linda W.

It's time to drench the skin and coat in organic nourishment with our powerhouse Equiderma Neem & Castor Oil Conditioner. Intelligently formulated with Neem Leaf and Neem Seed Oil, Castor Oil, Jojoba, Vitamin E, and Vitamin B5. This renewing formula strengthens, softens and soothes your horse's skin, mane, tail and coat all at once to a silky, glossy glow. Our naturally hydrating conditioner promotes healthier skin while alleviating dryness, itching and flaking. Just rinse and watch as your horse’s coat dries to a brilliant shine. And beauty isn’t the only benefit, Equiderma Neem & Castor Oil Conditioner also packs plenty of brawn by helping to heal skin problems like rain rot, mane-and-tail itching, and other skin problems that plague your horses. It’s the perfect treatment for all- around great care. Great for all other creatures, including dogs...and us!

Contains: Neem Leaf and Neem Seed Oil, Castor Oil, Jojoba, Vitamin E, Vitamin B5 | 32 ounce

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