Barn Dog for itching, hot spots and other skin problems in dogs and other animals

We are passionate about creating the very best dog care products in the world. We know your dogs are unselfish in provide the companionship that makes every day better. We are also aware of the problems that dogs can have: from simply being dirty, to skin conditions like ringworm, hot spots and mange. While consistent grooming and good feeding practices are essential to keeping your dog’s coat healthy, our Barn Dog products are the solution you need to any issues your canine friend may have.

When you use our dog grooming products, you expose your dog to the best thing in the world: nature. Our products are full of highly effective natural ingredients like neem oil, chamomile, pine bark, and basil. These natural solutions gently get the job done. We know that skin conditions resist conventional treatments and compromise your dog’s health. When you use Barn Dog Shampoo, Conditioner, or Lotion, you will finally get results.

Dogs belong in nature - and nature belongs in their care regimen. Our shampoo and conditioner will leave your dog’s fur soft, shiny and smelling great. Our lotion will banish skin conditions and gently nourish sensitive skin. This lotion can be used on any of your pets and is family-safe.

Your dog deserves the best!  We have worked long and hard to provide natural products that are the best, and we have succeeded. Show your love for your canine friend and shop with us!